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Member Benefits Now Include an Incentive for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

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In addition to the 7 Cooperative Principles built into every cooperative throughout all industries, Echo Adventure Cooperative four additional guiding principles, or pillars, that shape every decision made by the Member Board:

Guests | Members | Community | Environment

In line with these guiding principles, Echo's Member Benefits Package now includes a $2400.00 cash incentive for members that drive a hybrid or electric vehicle! 

Although there are undeniable benefits to driving a hybrid or electric vehicle, such as reduced environmental footprint and lower maintenance/fuel costs for the members, these vehicles often run at a premium - around $3000.00 for a hybrid midsize sedan! With this cash incentive andSUV/Crossover models more readily available, our Member Board hopes that hybrid and electric vehicles will now be a realistic option for Echo members. 

Do you drive a hybrid/electric Vehicle? What about a Crossover or SUV hybrid/EV? Please share your experiences with us below!  

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