Frequently Asked Questions

What is Echo Adventure Cooperative, Inc.?

Echo is a Collective Board Worker Cooperative, which means everyone who "works for" Echo is an owner (we call them members) and has a seat on the Board of Directors. Each member, even the founding members, have an equal vote, no matter how much they make or how long they have been involved! Because everyone is equal within Echo, there are no managers, no bosses, no sole decision makers! There is a CEO, Vice President, CO-VP, Tresurer, Secretary, but they are not allowed to make decisions without a vote! So, technically, Echo works for you!

How much does it cost to join and what will I make?

First, there is a $100.00 nonrefundable application fee to help process all of the information submitted and call a vote on your membership with the Board of Directors. If accepted, there is a $2000.00 membership fee. This fee covers the cost of developing, permitting and marketing your new trips! It also covers expenses like business cards, vehicle clings, Logo'd gear, etc. Once up and rolling, you will make 62% of net revenue that comes into Echo due to your trips or packages. That means that after we pay for the hotels, park fees or lunches you get a check for 62% of what's left. The board has approved a plan to add 2% every year until this percentage reaches 70%! 38% (eventually 30%) goes back to Echo to help with sales, marketing and other costs. If there is a profit or surplus at the end of the year, the Board decides if this money goes back to the members or if it gets used for charitable contributions or something else! Remember all these numbers and percentages are determined by the Board, which are members just like you!

What can offer as a member? Who decides?

You, you and you! Let's say that you want to offer adventures where you meet your guests in Yosemite Valley for a 3-hour walking tour 2 times a day for 200 days a year. Or maybe you want to pick guests up at the airport and do a private wine tasting before heading to Yosemite for 5 days of guided adventure once a month. You might just want to rent your vacation rental or sell recycled earrings made from trash found in Yosemite... it's %100 up to you! Echo's Board must approve the general idea, but you decide the details, the cost and the availbility! Echo is here to support your dreams!

  • Echo provides insight into historical trends and our gut instinct over what trips, products or services will be successful.
  • Echo provides a series of costing mechanisms so that you can charge the right amount for your trip.
  • Echo only books your trips and/or sells your retail based on your stipulations. If you want to work 2 days a month, then go for it!

Do you operate outside of Yosemite?

Echo can operate anywhere in California! Currently, all of our offerings are based around Yosemite because that is where our members live. We are excited to adapt and grow with our membership, so if you want to offer bike trips through the Coastal Redwoods, climbing in Joshua Tree or fishing on the Putah, then just send us an email and we'll work with you to make it a reality! Echo is always expanding!

Do you only offer adventures?

This is a great question! We've had members consider everything from vacation rentals to retail stores, so the skies the limit. If you have goods or services related to the outdoor or travel industry, then give us a holler! Get Creative!

What are members finacially responsible for and what costs does Echo cover?

You have to pay the $100.00 application fee and the $2000.00 membership fee. After that, you are responsible for discretionary expenses, or tour/excursion specific costs like a vehicle if you want to provide transportation, fuel, gear, snacks, etc. Remember all of these costs are tax deductible! Echo pays for the big picture stuff! Permitting, CPUC authority, marketing, bookings, National Park fees, licenses, hotels, food costs for guests that choose that option. Here is an example: A fly fishing guide offering a full-service 2-day package:

  • Guide: Fly fishing waders, rod, reel, flies, car, fuel, snacks, soda and water.
  • Echo: Marketing, booking, hotel, all meals, guide license, fly fishing licenses, taxes, National Park permit, national park entrance fees, CPUC authority to drive the vehicle.
Still not sure? Send us an email with your trip idea and we'll tell which bits your will be responsible for and help you develop your pricing.

How do I become a member?

  1. Apply!
  2. You will receive an email with a list of requirements to submit like:
    1. Proof that you are a California Resident.
    2. Letter of Recommendation from a previous employer.
    3. Current Resume that shows 3 years of relevant experience.
    4. Safety Training Certifications: A minimum of WFA and CPR for front country excursions or a minimum of WFR or CPR for trips to a location with a response time greater than 20 minutes.
    5. A sample itinerary of a trip or package that you would like to offer through Echo Adventure CoOp.
  3. Once all items are submitted and cleared, we will provide you with a copy of our Articles of Incorporation, our current Bylaws, a Membership Disclosure Form and an Official Request for Membership Form.
  4. The Board of Directors will vote on your membership at the following Monthly Board Meeting.
  5. If the Board denies your request for membership, then we will provide you with an explanation and a list of items needed to reapply.
  6. You can reapply every 90 days.
It's all pretty easy if you have what it takes!

Apply for Membership

Apply for Membership

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