What platforms are supported?

Windows Mac iOS Android We are currently working on bringing support to UWP and WebGL as well.

Can I use LINQ to query my data?

You can, as long as you aren't targeting an IL2CPP platform, such as iOS. IL2CPP does not support the ability to compile code on the fly, which is a needed feature when LINQ expressions are used to query data. Instead, simply use the Query class, and your code will work on all platforms! Please see the documentation for more info.

Where should I store my database files?

It is recommended to store your files in one of the folders defined by Unity’s Application class, most likely in Application.persistentDataPath.

What version of LiteDB is LiteDB for Unity based on?

LiteDB for Unity is based on version 3.1.4 of LiteDB. It is continuously updated with the latest patches and fixes in the Asset Store. Additionally, we have versions of LiteDB for Unity available that are based on v4.0+ of LiteDB. Versions 4.0 and above of LiteDB rely heavily on just-in-time compilation, which renders it unsuitable for IL2CPP platforms like iOS. As a result, we can’t list it on the Asset Store. However, if you are not targeting iOS and would like to use this version, please send us a request at our support email with your invoice number, and we will be happy to send you a copy.

What Unity data types are supported?

We currently support the following data types from Unity. They can even be used for indexing! Vector2 Vector3 Vector4 Quaternion Matrix4x4