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Updated: Mar 23, 2023

First, let us tell you a little bit about what is different about working here. Echo is a Collective Board Worker Cooperative, which means the majority of employees at Echo are owners (we call them members) and they have a seat on the Board of Directors. Each member, even the founding members, have an equal vote, no matter how much they make or how long they have been involved!

There are three types of employees:

Non-Member Employees (Generally Seasonal) | $18.00/HR | Our non-member employees can work in any department and are either working to become a member, are seasonal or migratory, or just dont want to become a member. Non-member employees report to the managing member in charge of their department. They also have a seat on the Employee Advisory Board which has a representative on the Board of Directors.

Members (Usually Career, Sometimes Seasonal) | $22.00/HR | Members have undergone a 6 month canadicy period meaning they have worked for Echo for 6 months, submitted an approved application and paid the membership fee of $500.00. They are owners, receive dividends, and have a seat on the Board of Directors. Members report to the managing member in charge of their department.

Managing Members (Legit Career Mode) | $26.00/HR | Managing Members, or members that manage operations, departments or employees, have submitted an approved business/operations plan. These employees also have the opportunity to make passive income through the cooperative by offering rentals, retail or other services. Managing Members report to the General Manager.


In 2023, we are excited to hire the following positions in the Yosemite National Park Region:

General Manager Trainee | Immediate start. Incredible opportunity for professional, full-time, year-round employment with an Adventure Company in Groveland, CA on the doorstep of Yosemite National Park!

This position begins with a 6-month training Candidacy Period working in all departments at the Echo Adventures Yosemite Basecamp including Retail and Information Desk, Rooms and Housekeeping, as well as Adventure Tour/ Rental Reservations and Logistics. This position will also train on all guided adventures for informational purposes as this position does not guide. The training period pays 18.00 an hour with an obligation to sit on the Employee Advisory Council which has mandatory, paid monthly meetings.

Once the training Candidacy Period is completed, this person will apply to join the cooperative and become a member (owner) within the company. Pay then increases to 22.00 an hour with dividends (profit sharing) and will include the following additional responsibilities:

  • Seat on the Board of Directors with obligation to attend mandatory, paid quarterly meetings.

  • Report to the CEO and Board of Directors and work with them on hiring, marketing, and budget decisions.

  • Working with guide supervisor to establish mutually beneficial relationship between departments.

  • Working within a set budget to coordinate purchasing and logistics between the different departments.

  • Helping staff maintain customer service targets with guided adventure, retail, rentals information and rooms.

  • National Park and National Forest permitting and reporting.

  • Cash and banking management

  • New employee hiring, onboarding, training and scheduling

  • Reservation Management and Auditing

  • Employee and community relations including quarterly evaluations, monthly cookouts, parties, or community events.

Additional pay and responsibility available as well!

Front Country Adventure Guide | May 1st - October 15th. This flexible position is also referred to as our front country guide and includes family based sightseeing adventures, adaptive tours, shuttles, and short hiking excusurions as well as BBQs and swimming. This position is perfect for a beginner guide or a guide with that enjoys teaching children and sharing the joys if Yosemite with other visitors! All training is included. Piece rate averages 18.00/Hour with overtime and tips. Minimum certifications include Wilderness First Aid or greater, CPR, Leave No Trace, and California Food Handlers.

PRN/Part Time Housekeeper | April 1st - October 31st. This flexible position requires a commitment of 2-4 hours, 5 days a week. The housekeeping position in charge of cleaning and providing stay over services for our Adventure Loft and Basecamp Bunkhouse accommodations, as well as other housekeeping needs throughout our Yosemite Basecamp. Schedule will likely be 10am - 2 pm from Wednesday - Sunday; however, those days negotiable. Starting at 18.00/Hour.

Adventure Coordinator | May 1st - October 15th. This is a 40/hour a week evening position features 4, 10 hour shifts allowing you to explore Yosemite on your 3 day weekend! While at work you'll focus on retail and adventure desk, helping guests with retail sales, visitor information, adventure reservations, and room check-ins. This is a fast paced position that allows infinite opportunites to specialize in retail and inventory managment, reservations logistics or another specialities based on your interests. Both Adventure Coordinator positions are great opportunities for individuals brand new to the recreation and guiding industry. Starting at 18.00/Hour.



Echo's Guide Week will run from April 24th - April 28th. Training stipend for the week is $600.00 plus food and lodging, and attendance is highly recommended for all guides and coordinators.


Employee Advisory Board:

Each non-member employee will have a seat on the Employee Advisory Board. The EA Board will elect one non-member employee act as a representative for the group that will have a seat on Echo’s Board of Directors. The EA Board will meet a minimum of once a month and be chaired by a member.



Limited housing available on a first come basis for 250.00 per paycheck (500.00 a month).



We encourage ALL APPLICANTS including women, LGBTQ+ and BIPOC anglers and adventurers to apply with the hope of opening this incredible industry to a larger, more diverse population of outdoor leaders!

CLICK HERE TO APPLY. Seriously, it’s that easy!

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