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How Do You Pronounce Teva?

First, we owe you an apology for our April Fool's post about our new worker-owned oil field harvesting certified organic petroleum near Yosemite. We may have made the post a little too realistic as many of you stated in your emails and messages! BUT if we aren't drilling for oil, then what are we doing!?

Great question! Each Monday in April we'll announce some pretty major awesomeness happening in our little cooperative!

First up, help us welcome Teva Footwear to Groveland this Summer!

We'll be carrying a wide variety of men's, women's and gender neutral shoes for kids and adults at our Yosemite Basecamp in downtown Groveland, Ca! Including the women's, men's, and kid's Grandview waterproof hiking boots, women's Olowahu sandals, the Outflow water shoes and the Original Universal sandals in a ridiculous amount of colors and sizes for adults and children!

Why did we choose Teva Footwear!? The same way we choose all of our outdoor brands like Patagonia, RL Winston, Simms, MSR, Jet Boil, Thermarest and now Teva. We took the long view and experimented with several brands over the last two years. In the end, the Teva Grandview waterproof hiking boots just hit different. They took an absolute beating! They also kept their color and shape, so we could wipe them off and wear them out to dinner! Elisabeth (the smaller set of feet) has at least 30 trail miles a week on her Grandviews and did not fall once! Bryant has worn his on or near every body of water between Redding and Hawaii over the last six months. He also had a wicked case of plantar fasciitis that disappeared after wearing these! (Results may vary and have not been evaluated by the FDA or the doctors in charge of evaluating things, but we promise that was our experience).

Do they support our social and environmental mission? Ummm, heck yeah! Their ABOUT US page outlines all the awesome things they're into, "We believe in good business. The kind that positively shapes our community, protects the environment and inspires future generations. It’s with a wide-angle lens that our Corporate Responsibility Program encourages us to look at the broader impact of our activities on our employees, customers, communities, and the environment as a whole." Sound familiar? You should really check it out!

Most importantly though, how do you pronounce Teva!? If you are anything like us you pronounce it with a long E like tree... Nay, nay, it's teh·vuh!

Stop by next Monday to find out what else we're working on! Okay, okay, we'll give you a little hint... It involves a pan.


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