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Echo's Adventure Dogs!?

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

We are so excited to announce our partnership with FOAC: Friends of the Animal Community! Our team will be fostering one pupper at a time at our Yosemite Basecamp in Groveland, California! You can pop in or schedule a time to cuddle, walk or play with our little furend, or follow us on our blog/facebook/instagram/TikTok to watch our puparazzi's updates. All of our adorable wolfadoodle fosters are available for adoption through FOAC or you can contact us to help navigate the adoption process.

During our fostering process we will help determine how adventurous our foster is, and we'll have daily - weekly updates as we learn more about them so their furever family knows if they eat poop, how well they will chill at the belay, if they have a taste for chicken coops and more!

Want to schedule a time to walk, cuddles, or adventure with our most current adventure dog!? CLICK HERE to schedule an adventure and we'll get them ready!


We're taking a break in February, but will be back in March to foster a new Adventure Dog!



Sweet Bella is a 1.5 year old female lab mix. She's on the thin side now, but should weigh around 55ish lbs or so. We are working on basic commands and getting her house trained! Right now she is eager to learn, she can play a mean game of fetch and doesn't pull on the leash. We don't recommend her for houses with kids or rowdy dogs, but we do recommend her for the active households that want a dog to run or cycle with!

First Impressions

She has had a whole lot of change over the last few days. She was surrendered to FOAC by a family member of her owner and then brought to us. That is a whole lotta different homes with different people, and this girl is feeling it. It's hard to see her personality just yet, but she is very curious, smelling and exploring every room. We are excited to get to know Bella over the next few days, and we hope she can find and get settled in her forever home soon!

Big Puppy Energy

Where to start with this Miss Bella. As she's getting settled, we are seeing that she is just a puppy with a lot of energy and no training! She handled her first 3 mile walk like a total champ! It was pouring rain the whole time and we were working on leash manners, but she never pooped out! Calling all athletes!

This afternoon we are working on name recognition, come and sit! Now that she has a better grasp of her name and she has a solid sit, we are able to work on keeping her from jumping up when she wants to be pet. She is already catching herself mid jump and sitting quickly. She is doing really well!

The downside: the little lady is terrified of big hand gestures, and will cower on the floor if you bend down too fast to pet her. She is also very sensitive to loud noises and will growl and side eye any and all rowdy dogs, so we are not currently recommending her for homes with kiddos or rowdy pups. Although we should note here that her previous owner says she lived with both.

Bella's Big Day Out

Just as the title indicates, this pupper had a very full day! First we enjoyed a three leash walk where we worked on a loose heel and right of way. After a long nap, Bella hopped in a crate and we headed to the big city of Modesto. Our first stop was Costco; however, a quick walk in the parking lot left her terrified and shaking! We immediately headed back to the car and, for the first time, Bella jumped into her crate without protest.

We decided to try our luck with Home Depot instead, and after several laps in the parking lot and lots of treats Bella started to show curiosity instead of fear and hesitation. She was super skittish when we first entered the store, so we focused on her leash work and stopped anytime it got overwhelming. Next stop, Target! We decided to walk the half mile and Bella did a great job in the parking lot and on the busy side walk! The automatic doors were a challenge at Target, but she did really well after that; confidently navigating the aisles and looking to us to see how she should react to loud noises. She didn’t even seem like the same dog at the end of the day! Success!

We always thought Bella must be a city dog after watching her fumble around on trails, but she was definitely out of her element in town. No matter her roots, it is such an honor to watch this little princess explore new things and become confident and secure in her space!


Bella got to play in the snow and she received her first meet up request for this weekend! She is eager to find her forever family and can't wait to get comfortable in her forever home, fingers crossed!!

Bella's Forever Home!

After an extended weekend with an incredible couple, Miss Bella has officially found her forever home! Bella's new humans are super active and love to hike and bike! They had just begun their search for the perfect pooch to fill the very big paws of their beloved Lab and trail BFF that passed this last September. We honestly can't imagine of better match than Bella and her humans!

Exhibit A: Pictures of Bella completely relaxed and tuckered out after adventuring with her new humans this last weekend!



Nova is a 7ish year old Boston Terrier/Bulldog mix. This sausage roll is around 50ish lbs, but actively trying to get back to a healthy 40lbs or so. She loves cuddles after dinner, sleeping in, going for slow walks, and playing with other dogs!

She is house trained, can sit on command and has been trained to walk on a leash.

She loves people! She gravitates towards women initially, but does not discriminate when cuddles are involved. We have not seen her with children yet, but her previous owner had two children and her "brother" Poe was one of the best dogs we've seen with children.

She isn't super stoked with walks over a mile just yet. Partly because she is little overweight and she isn't used to longer walks, and partly because her nails were very very over grown and they change the way her feet interact with the ground. We have to clip them slowly over several days so it will be a few days before her nails don't hit the ground.

DAY 1: First Walk & Town Day

First, she does need to be on leash. She will slowly escape any situation if you're not paying attention. She doesn't "run away" per say, but instead keeps walking and doesn't respond to her name or any commands. On our first walk, she initially wanted to run after my dogs, but quickly corrected once she hit the end of the leash. Afterwards we went to several stores and Nova was perfect! She stayed very close and let everyone pet her. She started slowing down towards the end of the day, having to be coaxed to walk at a faster pace, and laying down while checking out. All in all we are very pleased with her temperament and are excited to see her blossom as we get her healthier!

DAY 2: Nova Proves Us Wrong

Ummm, so this little Hippopotamus decided to bring it yesterday, and blew all of our assumptions out of the water! First off, she is running! Second, her training is coming back online, and she recalls like a champ! Like a completely different dog in less than 48 hours!

DAY 4: Nova's On Sublease

Poe's new owner wanted Poe and Nova to see each other again, so Nova is on a weekend with them! These two are falling right line and enjoying every moment together! Is there a family forming here!?! Poe and Nova may be bound together forever! We'll keep you posted!

Fun Fact: Our previous foster dog, Poe, was raised in the same house with our current foster Nova!

Week 2: Nova's forever home!

How do you spend a few days watching this level of cuddle action between two old friends and then send one of them packing?? You don't! Nova has officially been adopted by Poe's humans! Congratulations to the whole family!



Poe is a 6 year old Boxer Mastif mix. This bundle of muscle is about 70ish lbs, has sic dance moves, and is obsessed with cuddles!

He has been well trained and can sit, shake and come. He is also house trained even with other dogs in the house. He loves people, big dogs and kids. We were also told that he is fine around chickens, cats and small dogs. We have not heard him bark or whine, and he has not shown any aggression or frustration with anything in the first 24 hours of his stay.

He was definitely a backyard dog and is slowly getting his paws underneath him on longer hikes. His coat, skin, nails and teeth are also longing for more attention, but Poe has been a champ about letting us bath him, massage him with oil, and cut his nails. He's scheduled for his vaccines and teeth cleaning this week! He's also been eating human food, but he's not aggressive about begging. We are hoping that we can have him better adjusted to eating quality dog food within the week.

First impression: He‘s freaking perfect!

DAY 1: 3 Mile Pack Walk

Day 2: Poe may actually be perfect!

Just know, we dont use this word lightly! Poe's personality is coming out and he is hysterical! We have started calling him the Queen of Dance becuase he does this swishy back and forth nonesense when he's excited. He has also started playing with toys and interacting with the other dogs. But most importantly, he has passed the off leash test! We took him to a fenced property for a two mile pack walk and he did great! He was able to complete the walk without resting and did not take the opportunity to splash in the mud with the other dogs ( A HUGE PLUS). His recall was good, but only comes into vision instead of coming all the way up to my hand. He's really treat motivated, so this will be an easy fix. Every person that meets him, every single person, says, "How has this dog not been adopted!?" Seriously, he's special!


Poe is pending adoption while we get his vaccinations, medical and dental work completed! We will update with his status as soon as it becomes official!


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