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Updated: Oct 30

We are so excited to announce our partnership with FOAC: Friends of the Animal Community! Our team will be fostering one pupper at a time at our Yosemite Basecamp in Groveland, California! You can pop in or schedule a time to cuddle, walk or play with our little furend, or follow us on our blog/facebook/instagram/TikTok to watch our puparazzi's updates. All of our adorable wolfadoodle fosters are available for adoption through FOAC or you can contact us to help navigate the adoption process.

During our fostering process we will help determine how adventurous our foster is, and we'll have daily - weekly updates as we learn more about them so their furever family knows if they eat poop, how well they will chill at the belay, if they have a taste for chicken coops and more!

Want to schedule a time to walk, cuddles, or adventure with our most current adventure dog!? CLICK HERE to schedule an adventure and we'll get them ready!

And with that, meet Poe!

Poe is a 6 year old Boxer Mastif mix. This bundle of muscle is about 70ish lbs, has sic dance moves, and is obsessed with cuddles!

He has been well trained and can sit, shake and come. He is also house trained even with other dogs in the house. He loves people, big dogs and kids. We were also told that he is fine around chickens, cats and small dogs. We have not heard him bark or whine, and he has not shown any aggression or frustration with anything in the first 24 hours of his stay.

He was definitely a backyard dog and is slowly getting his paws underneath him on longer hikes. His coat, skin, nails and teeth are also longing for more attention, but Poe has been a champ about letting us bath him, massage him with oil, and cut his nails. He's scheduled for his vaccines and teeth cleaning this week! He's also been eating human food, but he's not aggressive about begging. We are hoping that we can have him better adjusted to eating quality dog food within the week.

First impression: He‘s freaking perfect!

DAY 1: 3 Mile Pack Walk

Day 2: Poe may actually be perfect!

Just know, we dont use this word lightly! Poe's personality is coming out and he is hysterical! We have started calling him the Queen of Dance becuase he does this swishy back and forth nonesense when he's excited. He has also started playing with toys and interacting with the other dogs. But most importantly, he has passed the off leash test! We took him to a fenced property for a two mile pack walk and he did great! He was able to complete the walk without resting and did not take the opportunity to splash in the mud with the other dogs ( A HUGE PLUS). His recall was good, but only comes into vision instead of coming all the way up to my hand. He's really treat motivated, so this will be an easy fix. Every person that meets him, every single person, says, "How has this dog not been adopted!?" Seriously, he's special!

Adoption Pending

Poe is pending adoption while we get his vaccinations, medical and dental work completed! We will update with his status as soon as it becomes official!

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