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Grocery Shopping

Grocery Delivery & Errands 

No contact grocery delivery and errand services available for all in Tuolumne County regardless of ability to pay! Shoppers wear PPE and disinfect containers and repack items before delivery!

Brought to you by Echo Adventure Cooperative 

Sponsored by the Groveland Grocery Fund 

Certified in Cross Contamination & Food Handling

Water Filter Maintenance

Landowner Resilience           

Grants and guidance for landowners to promote local onsite water treatments, such as rainwater harvesting, greywater reuse, stormwater management and water efficient landscaping.

Brought to you by Landowner Resilience Program

Funded by the Department of Water Resources

Available in Tuolumne & S. Calaveras Co.


UNFI Bulk Groceries            

Purchase bulk organic and sustainable groceries at cost +20% while supporting the local grocer, cafe and venue Coulter Cafe and General Store in neighboring Coulterville, CA. 

Log In at

U/N: coultercafeguest P/W: Coulter5015

Create your order in an email or spreadsheet 

Organic Vegetables

Weekly Produce Box (CSA) 

High quality, seasonal, organic produce 

delivered to Mountain Sage every other Thursday for $40. Meat, eggs, cheese, nuts and other items are available as add-ons.

Brought you by Outer Aisle Food Hub 

Delivering since 1993

Vacations Setting & Personal Shopper Available

Image by Mick Haupt

Groveland Grocery Fund     

No one in our community should go hungry or put themselves at risk while waiting on assistance. Your donation allows us to buy and deliver food, CSAs, medicines and other necessities.

Brought to you by Echo Adventure Cooperative

Funded by Community Members

Balnace will be donated to Nancy's Hope


Plant Nursery Deliveries      

You don't have to brave the home repair stores! 

Have fruit trees, vegetable starters, herbs and soil amendments delivered directly to your home in Northern Mariposa and Tuolumne Counties. 

Brought to you by The Mountain Sage Nursery

Full Menu Available Online

Flowers and Landscaping Plant Also Available


Free Donation Pick Up         

Would you like to donate food to Nancy's Hope Food Pantry in Columbia, CA or do you need food transported to a vulnerable member of our community? Just contact us and we'll take of it!

Brought to you by Echo Adventure Cooperative

No Contact Pick Up Required

Please Designate Your Preferred Food Pantry

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